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Two of the most popular dishes in the city that have a huge fan base happen to be Burgers & Wraps. They provide the eaters with an unmatched experience of fast-food yet are pretty comprehensive of a meal on their own. We, here at Sizzler High Wycombe, have got for you the most delicious collection of some of the best items of Burgers and chicken. Let’s move directly over to our menu. You can start your day with some of our Gourmet Burgers like Lamb of Beef Burger, King Sizzler Burger, etc. These give you an all-inclusive experience of the best items in Burgers. Next, you can try some of our dedicated Zinger Specials like Crispy Zinger Wrap, Crispy Zinger Strips, etc. You can enhance the experience with some of our Signature Sizzler Specials like Chicken Sizzler Special, The Sizzler, Chicken Tikka Roll, etc. If you love chicken, our Peri Peri Collection would turn out to be heavenly for you. Apart from these, a whole lot of other items are also there awaiting your arrival.








About Sizzler High Wycombe

We try to put up as much life as possible in all of the dishes we serve you with. Top-notch quality and excellent taste are ensured through the finest of ingredients used to make your food. We never compromise on using a series of handpicked spices and our attention to detail makes sure that what we provide you is really the best iteration of that. The same experience can also be had right at your house if you wish to use our home delivery services. You can do this by downloading our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can simply install the app and begin your journey into the magnificent world of Burger and Wraps. As soon as you order, we would be delighted to serve you with everything we have got at our disposal. Order now.

Restaurant location Sizzler High Wycombe

Our location goes a long way in ensuring that customers find it very easy to visit us without breaking a sweat. We are conveniently located at 114 Desborough Rd, High Wycombe HP11 2PU. Being the heart of the city, that this place is, transport here is actually quite seamless. That, when added with smooth conveyance options from any part of the city, also ensures that our delivery services are spot-on. Still, our app is backed up with instant GPS support if you need some help while finding us. Every time you choose us, we would try our best to leave you satisfied. Visit us now.

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